As we are living in an era where diseases like flu and viruses are spreading on a large scale and coronavirus is a live example that we all are fighting against. According to medical fraternity, there is no particular vaccine available to cure this Coronavirus disease, so we have to take care of ourselves by staying indoors, social distancing, boost immunity not only this much we all need to be physically and mentally fit. As per studies, if your immune system is strong then there are more chances of winning the battle against any virus, flu, disease. We are up now with all the basics tips you can do to strengthen your immune system naturally and within unlock phase.

Here are some tips to Boost Immunity Naturally:

1. Sufficient Sleep: As we all know in this technology addicted world it is very difficult to have proper sleep insufficient sleep reduces the ability of responding against cold, flu and viruses. According to National sleep foundation, good amount of sleep(almost 7-8 hours) help  your body produce cytokins, a type of proteins which is the best defender against infection and inflammation and is more active in case of vaccination to guard your body against germs and viruses.

Sufficient sleep

2. Always think positive:  It’s difficult to understand how and why thinking or being positive helps to boost immune system of a body but some studies suggest that optimism not only boost your mind in fact strengthen your immune system. Positive thinking energizes, strengthens your body and helps you to recover faster from some serious diseases. Positive attitude brings more peace of mind which motivates you to live a healthy and stress free life.

3. Healthy Diet: A healthy diet is essential not only for good health but nutrition as well says WHO. Yes, I agree that people of our age love to eat pizzas, burgers, noodles but nutritionists consider that food as” Empty Calories”  which will provide zero nutrition to your body. Start eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, take less intake of sugar, salt, oil and fats.

Healthy Food


4. Meditation to reduce Stress:  Sometimes we wonder, what is a relation between Stress and Immune System of a body? As meditation is the best way to reduce stress and when you are mentally relax, your body releases hormones that influence immune system responses, adapt immunological changes which are very crucial for preventing, fighting infection or responses to vaccine. It also helps in healing wounds, last minute responses (like fight or flight) and immediate threats.

5. Wash Hands thoroughly: One of the best ways to invite germs and viral infections into your body is through your dirty hands and at any chance if you ate with that dirty hands trust me then germs will enter in full savage mode. Not only during this Corona Pandemic but regularly you should wash your hands for atleast 20 seconds with hand wash.

Wash hands properly

6. Consume Vitamins:  The food we eat plays an important role to improve our overall health and immunity. Eating a healthy diet not only helps you to boost your immune system but it also helps you to fight against COVID-19.
Here are some expert-approved vitamin rich foods which you can add in your diet to stay healthy
Vitamin A: pumpkin, squash, carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, cantaloupes, dark leafy greens, and mangoes
Vitamin C: citrus fruits, strawberries, bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and asparagus
Vitamin E: vegetable oil, almonds, whole grains, wheat germ, sweet potatoes, and yams.

7. Regular Exercise is must: Exercise on regular basis is one the best thing you can do for yourself.  Cycling, running, walking, swimming and training etc includes in exercise which will keep your body parts strong and boost immunity. Exercise will provide you lot of energy which will help you to handle work load throughout a day and it will help you to maintain proper weight to avoid health issues like obesity, cardiac etc.

Regular Exercise

8. Drink Alcohol in moderation: In general, we all know consumption of high level of alcohol results in various health issues like liver diseases, acute respiratory distress syndrome etc but according to Healthy Study, moderate drinking may actually strengthen our immune system and help it fight off infection and reduce risk of death. People who drink moderate amounts of alcohol are healthier and have better cardiovascular function that those who don’t drink alcohol at all.
For better health results drink occasionally to one drink per day if you’re a woman and two drinks if you’re a man, recommended by the NIH.

9. Spend time with your pets: Pets can reduce stress, anxiety, depression and brings out the immediate joys and accompany our behaviors and emotions. Playing with your pets can eliminate the state of stress and lead to calm and relax. As pets are more active, they help us to reduce muscle tension, anxiousness mood and ease depression. Healthy lifestyle changes when go on a walk with them run few distance. We get a chance to make new friends we meet while walking and like while on a walk to pet stores club and training classes which helps us to overcome many physical and mental challenges and increase your energy.

time with pets


10. Intermittent Fasting: According to nutritionist fasting is not a good option if you need to maintain a balanced diet but doctor says intermittent fasting cleans up your damaged or inefficient cells, and generate a new immune system cycle. Fasting lowers the working of your system which helps to save energy and utilizes that energy to produce new cells which in return boosts immunity. When you start eating again replenished cells kick start your immune system who works more effectively and efficiently.

11. Laughter is the best medicine: We have heard many times that laughter is the best medicine, it helps to reduce stress but you know what Laughter leads to physical and mental changes in your body also. According to researches, it increases the amount of oxygen which boosts your brain activities, heart, lungs and blood functionalities which is the vital source as an immunity booster and helps your body fight against cold, flu and viruses.

Laughing Person

Kick off Ways to strengthen your immune system naturally:

  1. According to ayurvedic doctors, the best possible way to boost your immune system naturally by consuming Decoction (Kadha) on alternate days in order to defend from viruses, flu s etc.
  2. After some intervals wash your hands thoroughly with soap or hand wash and keep hand sanitizer with you while travelling.

** Especially during COVID-19 take proper precautions and as per medical fraternity wash your hands for alteast 20 seconds to fight against germs and infections.

  1. Consume a good amount of some food items which are necessary to boost up your immunity like yogurt, ginger, mushroom, turmeric, garlic, spinach, and elderberry.


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