Style is what we all adore. When we met a person for the first time, the first thing we noticed about them is their style, what kind of stylish outfit they are wearing. Isn’t stylish or not? We all have someone whom we idealize in many aspects. So here presents a hero whom many people love and idealize, and I want to take a few seconds to appreciate Sushant Singh Rajput’s family for giving a gem to the Bollywood Industry. We know talent and intelligence are his biggest strength, but his other support was Sushant Singh Rajput’s Sister.

Well, we are still in a state of shock by hearing the sudden and sad demise of such a talented and hardworking actor. A very stylish and good-looking actor who had a huge admirer. People love Sushant Singh Rajput for his acting skills plus the style he carries. Always look good and classy in his stylish attires. Whether it is a simple Kurta Pajama or a formal suit, he always slays and kills everyone with his charming style. A different designer designs different outfits for Sushant Singh Rajput stylish looks and Here I will share with you the-

10 different stylish looks Sushant Singh Rajput:


Whenever the camera catches our talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput, we find him wearing stylish T-shirts most of the time. Seems like he is very comfortable in wearing such apparel. Sushant Singh Rajput’s  T-shirts like “No Photos Allowed, Comfortably Single, Fuck Fame, The Truth Will Set You Free” seems like he always sends a message through these T-shirts.

Sushant Singh Rajput T-shirts

Note: A completely comfortable outfit to wear.


Sushant Singh Rajput is creating a great impact on everyone’s mind by wearing a simple T-shirt that has written WILD ONES on it with bold letters. This cool dude looks completely defined by his calm, as he is a very calm and free personality with a wild spirit to achieve things in life which are best defined in his last film ‘Dil Bechara’.
Sushant Singh Rajput WildOnes T-Shirt

Note: The look is really simple and stylish. You can choose to wear this type of outfit on any casual day.


So the 3 Sushant Singh Rajput stylish look is THE TRADITIONAL INDIAN ATTIRE. He literally looks so charming on a ramp walk as a showstopper with Shraddha Kapoor in a Fashion Show wearing Manish Malhotra’s designer black bandh gala matching with the white pole type pants ethnic outfit along with the accessories.
Sushant Singh Rajput in Manish Malhotra's design

Note: I suggest you try this outfit on some wedding or festival occasion as it looks super stylish.


Tired of all the relationship dramas in his life and now he is flaunting his love life through his T-shirt that says CHIC NO? when he attended Chetan Bhagat’s Birthday Bash. After checking on him the way he carries off garments, we must say definitely he was chic.
sushant-singh-rajput chic no? t-shirt

Note: A trendy look to carry. Whenever we feel we want to wear something,


Being an actor gives a lot of opportunities to work with famous designers. While attending a lot of Awards shows, it becomes an immense responsibility for an actor to look stylish, otherwise, it doesn’t take seconds for the audience to troll them. In his suit look, he is looking amazingly perfect. The mustard white combination suit with Oxford Shoes is flaunting his charm at its best.
sushant singh rajput in suit

Note: A perfect look to carry at parties.


No matter what this man wears, he always slays in every outfit and steals everyone’s heart. So the first stylish look of Sushant Singh Rajput that I am sharing with you is The INDIAN ARMY attire look which he wears when he is serving rotis to the Indian Army. In this, he is wearing a plain black T-shirt with army joggers and carrying black sunglasses on his eyes. This look is really stylish and you can wear this at any time when you are going to a friend’s home for a visit or anywhere according to your comfort. These joggers are completely comfortable to wear, you can wear this if you are traveling.
Sushant-Singh-Rajput-in army attire

Note: this stylish look perfectly combines style with comfort.


How stylish his personality was, can easily be answered when you will check out his Ethnic looks. He was absolutely looking dapper in Antar Agni design where he was wearing a Kurta paired with a pair of skinny jeans on a Diwali Occasion 2017. Melting our hearts when witnessed in a Black Achkan complimenting outfit with a million-dollar smile.
sushant singh rajput in ethnic outfit

Note: A complete festive vibes look.


He always has few close friends and always supported them in their ups and downs.  He always stands by them and keeps them in his heart as his T-Shirt says all. He is wearing a Black T-shirt which has the word Brotherhood written on it. His T-Shirt is always the highlighted top in every Sushant Singh Rajput news.
sushant singh rajput in ethnic outfit

Note: You can wear this at home or if you will go for some shopping. Rest according to you.


Every actor follows a great gym routine, and so did Sushant Singh Rajput. He is always the one who is very passionate about his fitness and work. With every new project, he comes up with a different physical transformation. He is slaying in his gym look where he is wearing boxers and remains shirtless.
sushant singh rajput in gym look

Note: You can try this outfit at your workout session as it is comfortable to do a workout in such apparels


As we all know, he is a man of dreams who has always a bucket list prepared for his dreams. He is a dreamer, believer and this T-shirt looks exactly the same for him. Not only this T-shirt, but he also has a collection of multiple T-shirts with some exceptional messages or maybe real-life situations.
sushant singh rajput dreamer t-shirt

Note: Wear accordingly.


The entire purpose of sharing some Sushant Singh Rajput stylish looks is to make you guys familiar with all his amazing looks. He has his own charm and personality, no matter what he wears it always suited him. Starting from a jogger to some traditional attire, he always slays. His smile can steal anybody’s heart and make it melt in a few seconds. No wonder the industry lost a gem. We know Sushant Singh Rajput Death is unbelievable but we will remember him always for his dedication and hard work, plus the kind of positive energy he throws whenever he talks about it is just amazing. R.I.P Sushant Singh Rajput and more power to his Family.

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