Modern Wedding Dresses come up as a fusion of old styles with glamorous designs and best examples of Traditional outfits with latest looks. Its not necessary that you have to follow the going on trend, wear what you think looks good on you and the important thing is wear what you are comfortable in because it’s your once in a lifetime day and you are the star of your celebration. Brides look so pretty when walking down like a Queen towards her King with “Big Smile on her face and Small tears in her eyes”.

There is a saying “Happy Brides are always Gorgeous” and this is the damn reality but still every girl wants to be a style icon of her day. We are helping you to find out the outfit made only for you.

Here is the list of all Modern Wedding Dresses for Brides as well as Bridemaids:

  1. White wedding dresses: On this special occasion all we desire to look the most beautiful bride in entire universe. In western wedding, the most desirable color for Wedding outfit is White or ivory. These are the most elegant choice for your auspicious day. The good part about white color is that its eye soothing and somewhere reflects innocence.

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  2. Off shoulder Wedding Dresses: Off shoulder dress as we all know is strapless across neck but there are different styles to hold the dress either on end of shoulders or under arms. Off shoulder dresses for brides looks perfect when wearing embroidered veil.

    Sweetheart Neckline: When you will see shape cut of the dress from top, it will look like semi heart and this is the reason behind the name. This neckline gives you the moments to flaunt your sexy collarbone. This is one of the most popular choices of brides as well as bridemaids.

    Scoop Neckline: Scoop neckline is just like boat shaped which is U-shaped and holds its edges to end of shoulders or collarbone. One necessary thing in this type of dress is proper fitting.Straight line Neckline: Straight neckline dress is totally strapless and holds body under your arms. These outfits are fit and flare to body with adjustable strips or zip.

    Off shoulder Wedding Dresses

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  3. Indian Wedding Dresses: As we all know Indian Weddings Dresses are always very colorful  and ethnic in style. Dresses are full of primary colors with matching jewelry and smart buns. Indian Wedding dresses include Lehengas, Sarees etc. Red is the most loved and auspicious color according to the mythological facts but as now different varieties are coming up, some brides opt for peach, ivory, golden etc.Indian Wedding DressesBuy Indian Bridal Dresses Online:  Click Here to buy
  4. Floral Bridal Dress: Floral wedding dress is suitable for afternoon weddings or spring weddings and even depends upon the destination. Even floral dresses for brides presented into different styles whether single colored (white, red), light shaded (pink, turquoise), embroidered, beaded, lace which truly embraces Bridal looks on their Glorious Day.Floral Wedding DressesFloral Wedding Dresses Online: Buy from Here
  5.  Bubble/ Overskirt gown: The bubble dress has a very specific and well defined style which is characterized by a voluminous skirt. The hem of the skirt is folded back on itself to create a ‘Bubble’ effect at the hemline. This type of bridal dress is perfect for any shape and body structure.Bubble/ Overskirt gown
  6. Red wedding dresses: The color of the gown speaks for itself. According to Indian tradition, red color is the most auspicious color not all this bright colors enhance the looks of bride when wedding decides to fall in evening time and you know what photograph nails it with proper lightening.Red wedding dressesClick to get Red Bridal Dress:  Buy from Here
  7. Tea length wedding dresses: Clearly it’s a myth that Tea Length Dresses are for those who have perfect body and shape but it looks perfect on even plus size brides and we have seen many live examples of that. But ya! This would be the perfect choice for those who want their Bridal Looks in a bit Retro Style and even there was time when this style of dresses signifies Status Symbol.Tea length wedding dresses
  8. Silver Bridal dresses: Silver Bridal dress or Ivory colored bridal dress is not everyone’s taste for their wedding but brides wearing silver colored dress looks like bright shining star in the party. Silver color works well with many other colors like black, red, pink etc. That Shimmer in Silver dress is the most beautiful part and when it twinkles while walking.Silver wedding dressesClick here to buy Bridal Dresses: Click Away
  9. Ball gown Bridal Dress: Ball Gown dress is one of the most Gorgeous dress especially for evening ceremonies. Let me tell you a secret that Ball gown dresses have another very popular name and that is Barbie Doll Dress and it’s true, brides look prettier than barbies. It’s a fitted bodice dress till waist and a balloon shape skirt till toe.Ball gown Bridal Dress
  10. Long sleeves Bridal Outfits: Long sleeves bridal dress with off shoulder and deep cut back is style which is in trend now days and the best thing is embroidered sleeves give royal look to your outfit. You have two different choices either go for 3/4 sleeves between wrist and elbow or the full length sleeves. Sonam Kapoor on her wedding reception wore brown and ivory skirt with long sleeves top which soon became choice of so many girls.Long sleeves Bridal OutfitsBuy Long Sleeves Bridal Dresses Online:  Click Here
  11. Trumpet Bridal Dress: Trumpet dress is the most creative full length hour glass shaped outfit that hugs your body tightly till hem but flares towards the bottom. Most of the Fashion Designers named it as Fit and Flare Dress. This style of dress is the foremost choice of those brides who has a good physique as well as sexy curves to flaunt.Trumpet Bridal Dress
  12. Fan back Bridal Dresses: Fan Backs in Bridal Dresses is kind of vintage style which is being carried till today. Long Veil in Bridal Dresses is the most important part of Wedding Outfits especially English Weddings. Brides are so crazy for long veils that Priyanka Chopra’s bridal dress hold a record of 75-foot-long epic veil for her once in a lifetime auspicious day.
  13. Embroidered Back Bridal Dress: Embroidered Back embraces and add stylish look to your outfit. Design your embroidered back with different laces, self embroidered cloth piece, some glittery buttons. These classy designer backs are preferably for those who chose messy buns or high buns as their Hairstyle of the day.Embroidered Back Bridal Dress
  14. Mini wedding dresses: Mini Wedding Outfits are very rare to see bridal wearing on her Wedding Day. I will present you some amazing examples which make everyone realize that Brides in mini dress looks a like Barbie Doll when walking towards Groom. As we all know there is very thin line between sexy and vulgar, so it’s definitely up to Bride and designers.Mini wedding dresses

Tips for Girls to look stunning on Wedding Functions:

  1. Choose Hairstyle Smartly: Besides dress, hairstyle and makeup play a very important role in amplify your overall looks. If you are going to hold a veil or dupatta, go for messy bun or high bun. At the end, we will ask you to consult your stylist.
  2. Makeup should be Flawless: Never go for too loud makeup, it looks very fake and especially when camera lights focus on you. Makeup should be defined by Outfit Color Code and time of an event.
  3. Always wear Stiletto: It’s not necessary that you have to wear high heels but on every stylist’s recommendation, you should wear heels as per your height. It is scientifically also proven that bit a heel makes your body posture erect and in shape.

Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses in the world. Check out this video:

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