We all will agree on the fact that in our families, saree symbolizes traditional look and whole world see it as elegant Indian culture but transformation of an era has changed the style of wearing sarees from traditional look to modern hot diva. Latest trendy styles of saree or modern draping saree styles can be worn at any occasion from holy ceremonies to global award functions as a style icon. Saree is just a piece of clothing from five to nine yards in length but different tricks of draping it around the body, baring the midriff makes it party ready. Sometimes, we are not even aware of so many ways to drape a simple saree with different accessories and styles. In India, the forever styles to get traditional looks are Bengali Saree Style or Gujrati Saree Style or Maharashtrian Saree Style.

How to drape a saree

Tips to drape a saree, Different styles to wear a saree

To wear a saree you have to follow some easy and quick steps. Check out all the different styles to wear a saree and choose the best saree outfit for function, wedding or party. The best part is you can give a new look to yourself with same saree by dressing up it in different styles. Just pick up the different style to wear a saree or go for every new style in different occasions and be the trend setter. Tired of all these old styles of draping sarees. Check out some of the modern saree style.

Latest Trends to Style a Saree

1. Nivi saree style/ Indian Saree Style: By far Nivi style of sari is the most popular drape in India as well as in western countries. The most elegant look of women is always visible in Indian Sari Style. In this you have to make several pleats and stuck them in petticoat. The length of pallu is of your own choice and easy draping of this style makes it the universal choice.Deepika in saree, Kareena in Saree, Madhuri in Saree
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2. Butterfly style saree: Draping this type of sari is almost same as of Nivi saree style or Indian Saree Style but with a little add on sexier look. You have to make the pallu of saree very thin to flaunt your waist and navel very gracefully. To stitch and hold pallu properly you must know “How to wear butterfly saree style?”
Priyanka in saree, Priyanka chopra in awards, priyanka chopra on red carpet, priyanka chopra dresses
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3. Lehenga style saree: When we really get confused between lehenga and saree for either marriage or reception, the best style to carry forward with the fusion of both. “How to Drape lehenga sari style” is the biggest question but there are different ways like you can either go for wrapping tight dupatta around your waist or you can wore dupatta in flowy types.
urvashi in lehenga saree, urvashi in saree, Diiferent ways to drape lehenga saree
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4. Off shoulder Saree Style: Not only the modern designer sarees are important but trendy blouses are also important for perfect look. Now days, there are so much of options available for “How to drape Off shoulder saree and blouse”. You can choose either cold shoulder blouse or corset blouse but tube blouse is in the fashion. Highly embroidered blouse will add on the royal look to you. Sheer net blouse and lace blouse are the types you can easily wear at marriages. Not only Bollywood actresses, Hollywood actresses also drape off shoulder blouse to become the trend setter for everyone.
Anita Hasnandani in saree, Different off shoulderblouse
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5. Pre-stiched or Cocktail Style Saree: We all know that draping saree Is not everyone’s cup of tea so Pre-stiched sarees are the best available options for women and girls. Draping traditional saree on our bodies and over that plating too takes almost 10 15 minutes which can be easily cut down with the help of cocktail saree style. The best part about pre-stiched saree is that there is nothing to worry about the body fit tight stichings and very gorgeously you carry it.
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6. Pant Style Saree: In this world dream of every girl is to look elegant and pant style saree will make your dream come true. You all must be wondering that “How to drape pant style saree at home?” Girls, let me tell you there are few simple steps to follow and you are ready to flaunt your Indo western look. One thing you must keep in mind that always wear tight skinny jeans and put on heels for sexy looks and fittings.
Shilpa shetty in pant style saree, shilpa in saree, Different ways to wear oant style saree
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7. Belted Style Saree: It’s time to experiment something new with your normal sari and bring on some spice in your looks. Team up your sari with little leather belt or designer kamarbandh. It not only adds edgy flair to the sari look but also makes you look slimmer than before. The best is you need not to ask “How to wear belted saree style”, as it’s your own wish to fuse belt with saree in different styles.
Katrina in saree, Different ways to wear belt with saree, Different styles to wear kamarbandh
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8. Mermaid Style: Looks in this sari style is as similar as its name mermaid. Mermaid or fish cut saree does not have any pleats in front but it gives curvy effect on the hip section due to close fitting. The lower portion of the saree is more flared just like skirt at hem section. Check out how to drape fish cut saree and you can easily wear it at home. The best part of this style of saree is stitched pallu and not tension of holding pallu every time, so use heavy pallu or the embellished border for the elegant look.
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9. Dhoti Saree Style: Dhoti sari style is the combination of two traditional dresses dhoti and saree.  Wearing dhoti is an easy task but “how to wear dhoti saree” is the thing every woman wants to learn. This is now days the most fabulous way for girls to drape saree in functions or receptions. Dhoti saree style is best suitable for light and simple sarees with heavy neck blouse.
Sonam Kapoor in saree, Sonam in dhoti saree style, Different ways to wear dhoti saree
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10. Double Saree Style: Double Saree Style is the most stunning way to drape saree with pallu on one side and dupatta or shawl from back to front on another side. This draping style always got attention in parties or events. Believe me, when you walk in this saree style, it reflects the elegance in you. “How to drape double saree style” is the easiest and it is carbon copy of Indian Saree Style with just duppatta or shawl as add on.
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11. Open pallu Style Saree: In open pallu saree style, you can easily flaunt your saree border work because the pallu fall from your shoulder to your arm. The most important part is “How to pin up your pallu” to maintain comfort and grace. Single layer pallu and two wide pleat pallu are different ways to hold pallu in open pallu sari.
Sonam kapoor in saree, Hollywood actresses in saree, Different ways to drape open pallu saree
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12. Jacket Style Saree: Wearing Jacket is not bounded with jeans or skirts only. To style Jacket with saree is so much in trend and “How to wear jacket saree style” is what every girl knows now days. There are different ways to fuse jacket and saree like saree with long coat | saree with overcoat | saree with winter jacket | jacket blouse saree. Looks of a woman in saree with jacket is such a royal look which is able to stun everyone around you.
Draping long coat saree style, jacket with saree, Sonam Kapoor in Jacket saree style, saree with over coat
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Tips To Drape a Saree Perfectly:

  1. Right height:  Always wear heels or stilettos before draping saree to get perfect height, fitting and to avoid the readjustments.
  2. Drape best suits you: There are too many draping styles but always go for the style of saree that best suits your body and you are comfortable with.
  3. Pick jewelry wisely: Never wear heavy jewelry with heavy blouse; it will overlap the design of blouse.
  4. Time to pin up: One of the most important thing, don’t leave your saree loose. Pin up your pleats and pallu tightly to get the perfect shape of the saree.
  5. No tacky underskirt: Shape of your saree depends upon the underskirt. Never use too much of cloth and design in petticoat. Keep it simple, fitting on hip section and flare below knee.
  6. Flaunt your midriff: For decent as well as sexy looks, tie your sari an inch below navel but be sure not pull it too much.

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