Trendy Footwear for men has come up with new designs as well as comfort. Fashion statement not only limits to outfits but it involves footwear too. In today’s modern and style favoring period, you cannot even dare to wear same style of shoes with different outfits.

The most tiresome situation is when you have to find out the difference between styles of shoes. Nowadays it isn’t a choice to have different styles of shoes but a necessity to have at least one pair in every style. To compliment dress and shoes you need perfect color of men’s footwear that go well with your outfit. Footwear especially shoes is the main topic for men to discuss about. According to a theory, buying men’s shoes is not a problem but to maintain the shine is a herculean task. So, here is a list of various men’s shoes in trends that will glam up your shoe racks along with different ways in which you can clean your shoes and uphold them for longer period.

7 Different Styles of Footwear for Men

Here is the list of shoes every man should own:

  1. Leather Lace up Boots for Men: The most versatile boots for men during every period of time. Lots of changes have been done to give the new look to leather lace up boots. They can be worn from adventurous bike rides to musical concerts. Not only Leather Lace up Boots are expertly made and beautiful to look at, but they also come with the fullness of colors and materials. These are one of those types of shoes that you can’t afford to keep far from your wardrobe. Like formal shoes, you don’t have to worry about the shine of these shoes. They look cool in rugged or shabby look. Walking down the streets in evening, going to witness any sports event or while Hill Climbing when you need strong soul the most these shoes are the perfect fit.Leather shoes for men, Different styles of leather shoes
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How to clean Leather shoes:  Get the piece of damp cloth and put some vinegar or lemon juice to take off the stains from your shoes. Some leathers don’t go well with rain or water for those apply some leather preservative to maintain the shine of shoes.

2. Coolest sneakers for boys: Sneakers are shoes with a flexible sole made of rubber or synthetic. Men feel incomplete if they don’t have at least 4-5 pair of sneakers in their wardrobe. Sneakers in modern form is “Trainers” and slang for sneakers are runners| gym shoes | canvas shoes. Trainers now days are very popular among boys and also considered as boy’s smart shoes. The best part is you don’t need any proper suits to dress up with sneakers. You know what sneakers were primarily made for sports or gym but the cool styles and comfort made sneakers love of every man out there. Jeans or trousers are the best partner for sneakers but still choose your clothing wisely when dressing up with sneakers. White Trainers are so much in fashion and suits with every color of jeans or shorts.
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How to take care of Sneakers: Keep your sneakers clean as appearance of shoes is an extra add on to your looks. You need to give your sneakers a proper wash with water/detergent mixture to a sponge or soft brush especially when you are white colored sneakers lover. According to study, 30% of the visual judgment is made when stuck on shoes.

3. Loafers for men: Solid pair of loafers works well with semi formal outfits. Loafers are as comfortable as trainers and multiple types of loafers have come up. Some have buckles and some with laces design and some are just plain leather. With the change in taste of choices, the design and looks of loafers changed. Some of the most popular are Pump Loafers | Penny Loafers | Slipper Loafers | Horsebit Loafers | Kiltie Loafers. Loafers can be easily dressed up with formals, pajamas and shorts as well. Hollywood film stars many a time found decorating themselves with different types of loafers in events. You can use no show socks when wearing it with the trousers. You can go for it without socks also.
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Tips to use shoes for longer period: You need to wash loafers very carefully with stuff used and try to keep your loafers as dry as possible. Use sponge very gently to get rid off the marks from shoes.

4. The Chelsea Boot for men: Good pair of Chelsea boots is the style solution to your everyday footwear challenge. You can even go for formal with Chelsea boots but short length Jeans with Chelsea Boots is the perfect combination. You always need to choose wisely color and fitting of the shoes with your outfits. Chelsea boots comes in different types like Leather Chelsea boots or Suede Chelsea boots. These are one of the kinds of boots that will always have a place in your wardrobe. People who get out there and break a sweat can easily carry off Chelsea boots.
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Tip to prevent your Chelsea boots: Leather boots needs to be cleaned and suede really does not fare well in wet weather, so don’t risk them to wear them in rain. One most important precaution is to keep your Chelsea boots away from grease and oil as stains of these particular liquids are hard to remove.

5. The Oxford Shoes for men: Oxford Shoes is all time favorite choice of men in footwear due to the design and the shape of shoes. Oxford Shoes and Derby Shoes both are a part of formal shoes but there is a sleek difference between Oxford shoes and Derby Shoes is the “lacing system”. Oxford Shoes with its closed lacing style and exposed ankle are the reasons of receiving so much attention from every man out there. Without Black Leather Oxford, your closet as well as your fashion style is incomplete. Oxford shoes go perfect with tuxedo in any occasion or with the formals in any interview. Oxford shoes are also known as dress shoes or formal shoes. The style of Oxford shoes is simple yet elegant and the shine of patent leather is what makes Oxford shoes classy.
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How to clean Oxford Shoes: Always be sure to maintain the luster and shine of the patent leather of Oxford. After every six months, polish up your shoes and do not forget to apply rich conditioner before polishing and then rub a dry cloth over surface to level up the polish.

6. The Monk Strap Shoes:  When you are tired of shoes with same lace style, Monk Strap Shoes will bring wonderful change in the collection of footwear. Monk Strap shoes will grip up the shoes with fancy buckles and don’t be shy to gear up your style with these fancy shoes. Even in Monk Strap shoes, you will find variations either go for single monk strap shoes or double monk strap shoes. Monk Strap Shoes are not bounded to wear with any particular outfit. You should try Double Monk Strap shoes when having on with proper formal suit and tie.
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Tips to Keep Monk Strap Shoes Clean: Go for polishing toe and heal area of the shoes to maintain the shine. Try to avoid the process of buckle and unbuckle every time you wear shoes as this will reduce marks of buckles.

7. Brogue Shoes for men: Brogue Shoes is known for its decorative wingtips and broguing pattern on an extended toecap. The row of holes at Cap toes are brogues with different perforations like full brogue, semi-brogue and quarter brogue styles. Brogue shoes have different variations to try; you can go for box calf leather, suede or Scotch grain, depending on how relaxed you want to go. Different styles of brogue always add on the attractive look to your outfits and are also the most important part of every man’s footwear collection.
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How to clean Brogue shoes: One thing you must do to avoid marks of stain is to remove the spot before drying. Another thing is always use clear shoe wax and new brush when cleaning your leather brogues. You can use toothpicks or pins to clean the row of holes.

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