We all have imagined somewhere in our minds a fairytale type wedding. We all seem to be very practical in our lives but when it comes to the wedding we all have some hidden fantasies inside us. Here if I talk about some expensive rings the very first thought that came to our mind is about weddings but not all rings are made for weddings, some are for gifting purposes, some for engagement purposes, and some for proposals. Every girl wants beautiful Jewelry for their big Occasions, Stylish Wedding Outfits, and especially a beautiful ring but its beauty adds expensive to it also. So, here I will talk about expensive rings in the world which costs more than Lamborgini.

You must be wondering Which are the most expensive rings in the world? Do you really want to make yourself familiar with the expensive rings in the world? Then don’t worry here I am going to share with you expensive rings in the world that costs more than any Luxurious Cars.

10 Most Expensive Rings in the World Costs More Than Lamborgini:


    The price will definitely blow your mind when you come to know that there is a ring in this world but the price not less than 80 million dollars. There is a ring, the Wittelsbach-Graff diamond ring, the most expensive ring in the world. It comes at the top of the list of expensive rings in the world.


    The second most expensive ring in the world is the Pink Star Diamond ring. This ring carved a 72 million dollar diamond in it. it was such an expe4nsive diamond that many rich bidders had to meet with disappointment who desired to buy this diamond in the auction. Originally, mined in Africa, the look of a diamond is like a huge scarab beetle, but it is indeed a pink diamond. Another name for this ring is the Pink Dream as someone who wears it on a finger is not able to move openly. It took two solid years to cut its diamond to clarify into an oval shape and get polished, and reduction its weight from 132.6 carats to 59.60 carats.


    This ring comes on 3rd number in the list of expensive rings in the world. The diamond engraved in this ring is 24.78 carats of luxury and elegance. This diamond ring was sold for 46.2 million dollars almost sixty-three years ago. This ring is one of the highly-priced things in the world.


    The Winston blue diamond ring comes on the 4th number in the list. There is a flawless diamond used in this ring. It is a flawless, vivid blue diamond. The diamond is the matchless and biggest one in the entire world. Its price was 23-8 million dollars. The almond-shaped diamond looks absolutely perfect. The style of the ring and diamond look to be perfect for each other. The diamond used in this ring was found in South Africa. The name Winston Blue diamond is derived from Harry Winston.


    While looking for the most expensive rings in the world, we come to know that Perfect pink diamond falls on 5th The diamond used in this ring; perfect pink diamond was a record-breaking jeel sold at auction. The diamond was 14.23 carat when it was sold at a Christie’s auction. The auction was held in Hong Kong. It has such a magnificent look and everyone will agree that this ring would be best suited to the finger of a princess. As a matter of fact, there are only about 18 known diamonds in the world that weigh more than 10 carats that have been sold at any auction ever.


    The Vivid Yellow ring is on the 6th number in the list. This ring is definitely a beauty. In an auction, it was priced at 16.3 million dollars. The person who has a soft corner for yellow, then this is the diamond for her only. The yellow diamond used in this ring is the most expensive of all the time and was sold at a Sotheby’s Geneva auction of Magnificent Jewels and Noble jewels. It is one of the largest cut diamonds in the world. It looks like to emits and reflects all colors that make it a tiny daffodil in both color and shape.


    In the list of expensive rings in the world, the Chopard Blue Diamond ring comes 7th in grading by price. It was sold for 16.26 million dollars. The ring has a stunning oval-shaped blue diamond with a band in 18 carats of white gold. The band used in it is itself embedded with smaller white diamonds. The diamond used in the ring looks like a combination of light aquamarine blue and bright teal. This ring comes from Chopard Jewelers, a Swizz company, well known worldwide for its elegance.


    When you go for the expensive rings in the world, you come to know that the Bulgari Blue Ring comes on 8th number in the list. It was auctioned in 15.7 million dollars. This is the biggest blue diamond in the triangle cut in the world, it features a 9.87-carat white diamond in a combination with another 10.95-carat vivid blue diamond.


    The vivid pink is on number 9th in the list of the most expensive rings in the world ever made. The 5-carat diamond used in this ring is sure to make anyone who sees it up close and personally very happy. A bidder at Christie’s in Hong Kong went for this brilliant beauty in an open auction. The vivid pink diamond ring went for 11.8 million dollars.


    In the list of the most expensive rings in the world, blue diamond rings come in 10th position. The ring has a diamond of 6.01 carat. The mentioned blue diamond is in a cushion shape, surrounded by a smaller pink diamond on both sides. It sold to an anonymous bidder at auction. This ring was too sold in Hong Kong and the originally expected price was actually within the 2.5 million dollar range.



Wrapping up with this article here I have mentioned 10 Expensive rings in the world but there is a detailed list also. I hope you like this article. Also, let us know by commenting in the comment section if you find this article helpful. Till then stay safe and stay home. Don’t forget to like, share, and comment.



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