Easy Hairstyles for Girls does not give that classy look is a belief mostly people have and hairstyles which take lots of time and effort to create is going to be the best hairstyle for girls. But the fact is cool hairstyles are easy as well as simple to make. The best part is now you don’t have to spend hours in parlor for amazing hairstyles. You can watch hairstyle tutorials or DIYs and style them at your own place. Especially for young age girls who always try to copy the hairstyles their favorite celebrity did last evening. It’s high time you should learn new party hairstyles and be your own hairstylist. Now days, your look is incomplete without the best suitable hairstyle for the occasion.

Here are some of the easy Hairstyles you can try at home:

  1. Messy Bun for Girls: Messy Bun is the biggest savior especially now days where busy weekdays and lazy weekends is the part of everyone’s life. College girls or Working girls don’t even like to waste five minutes of their day in combing or styling their hair. Just cross over your fingers, toss up your hair and put together with cool accessories. Messy Bun hairstyle is go to hairstyle that even work with slightly dirty or dry shampoo fluffy hair to get the right texture. When styling Messy Bun, leave some soft wisps on the sides to fall over the neck. These days Messy Bun for Girls is so much in trend that even celebrities do it in award functions and red carpet. From Kylie Jenner to Deepika Padukone everyone has spotted with this stunning hairstyle. Messy bun can be easily integrated with puffs and braids to get classy look.

Here are some steps you need to follow to achieve the Messy Bun Hairstyle:

Step 1. Comb your hair with your fingers and then pull it into a high tight ponytail.

Step 2. Wrap the ponytail loosely around the hair; create coils until all hair is swept around the tie.

Step 3. Secure with bobby pins in the front, back and sides.

Step 4. Gently pull the extra pulled out hair back towards the topknot with your fingertips.

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Tip to get Perfect Messy Bun: If you want hair to set extra flyaways smoothly, use can use hair spray or hair gel.

2. Braid Hairstyles for Girls: Braid Hairstyles are the one, girls have been trying since their childhood but this time adds a little magic to your long tresses. Braids are not limited to three strand braid only, you can try new styles like Fishtail braids | Waterfall Braid | French braids | Mermaid Braid | Dutch braids |Headband Braid. All you need is to take the style of your braid to a next level to get variation in your looks. The biggest advantage I think about braids is it conserves the cuteness on your face and is also the easiest hairstyle for girls. So, it’s the time to ignore all boring hairstyles and pick out the cool and creative braid hairstyle paired with your decided outfit.

Check out the following steps to style your Braid Hairstyle:

Step 1. Comb your hair properly for neat braid and for messy braid you can use your fingers to comb.

Step 2. Divide your hair into three strands, hold them tight and start as per your style.

Step 3. Continuing braid till the end and secure it tightly with rubber band.

Step 4. Gently pull the extra pulled out hair from the cross section of braid to get extra volume and fluffiness.

Watch video and learn Easy Braid Style for Girls:

3. Top Knot Hairstyles: There are some well thought updos for women when going through bad hair days are Top Knot Hairstyles.  The hairstyle does not require the proper head wash or the pluffiness, you can go for this hairstyle even you have not washed your head since two to three days.  Top Knot Hairstyles for women are the appropriate option for lazy girls or hurry up girls.

In terms of elegance, personalize your top knot with different versions like curl your hair, leave wisps on the side or can add some extra volume to the give the proper shape. Top Knot Hairstyles are so much in trends that even celebrities flaunt this hairstyle in parties or events.

Here are some of the easy steps to style Top Knot Hairstyle:

Step 1. Comb your hair properly and tie them into pony over your head.

Step 2. For fluffiness you can backcomb your hair.

Step 3. Gently comb your hair to smoothing very top layer of the ponytail to keep the top knot looking smooth.

Step 4. Wrap your hair around the base; create coils until all hair is swept around the tie.

Step 5. Pin up the bun with bobby pins properly and you can pull out some of the hair to give it more volume.

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Tip for Top Knot Hairstyle: Top Knot Hairstyle needs proper pin up to tuck all the loose sections of hairs.

4. Pony Tail Hairstyles for Girls: Ponytail is most simple and easy hairstyle for girls but it doesn’t mean it’s boring. There is no specific length and style of hair to go for this hairstyle. If you have a lot of steps in your hairstyle, the ponytail will be more wavy and sexy. To give your ponytail a classy and neat look, straighten up your hair before hair brushing. Then gently comb your hair and hold them tightly. This hairstyle is so versatile that you can do anywhere and with lots of different styles. You can try straight ponytail | ponytail with braids | curls with ponytail. From Selena Gomez at Cannes to Kim Kardashian at Event every celebrity tried different styles of ponytail.

Check out your favorite Ponytail Hairstyle:

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5.Braided Bun Hairstyle: The trendiest hairstyle of the season without any doubt is the Braided Bun for women and even Best Hairstyle for party. Braided Bun seems to be perfect yet elegant and easy to do. As this hairstyle is a combination of both braid and bun but the point where you can make an exceptional move is to give the new dimensions to style off braid and bun. Braid Bun for long hairs has an advantage that you can invest time on braids to be done neatly and save time on messy bun. Many of the women have misconception about this hairstyle that it takes proper time and procedure to do but believe after watching the steps; you will find it easy and simple to go for. There are multiple choices for you to try out like very famous Crown Braided Bun | Double Braided Bun | Side Braided Bun.

Steps to do Braided Bun Hairstyle:

Step 1. Comb your hair properly and tie them into pony over your head.

Step 2. Create different types of braids as per the requirement of your hairstyle.

Step 3. Wrap your hair around the base of ponytail; create coils until all hair is swept around the tie.

Step 4. After that wrap braids around your bun and secure it tightly with bobby pins.

We are here with the easy tutorial on How to style Braided Bun?

6. Half Tie Hairstyles for Girls: Girls, if you are still searching for the cool hairstyle to go on with your image then Half tie is the best option for you. Half tie hairstyles for girls are quick and easy to pull off. The best part is Half updo works well with any length of hair, so no one needs to worry about the length and style of hair. Just try a new style of Half tie Hairstyle in any occasion this time and make heads turn. Angelina Jolie was looking marvelous when walked on red carpet with Half Updo. Check out some of the chic styles Top Knot | Overlapping Half Updo | Loosely Twisted Updo | Hair Bow Updo | Retro Half Hairup.

Check out the video on How to do Top Knot Half Tie Hairstyle?

7. Formal Hairstyles for Women: There are so many formal hairstyles for girls to do in normal day to day office routine but main problem occurs when there is some special occasion or event in the office. Even at your bad hair days, you can easily style your oily hair as moisturizer to set your flyaways. You always prefer elegant and classy hairstyles with formal outfits especially when you are the person who is going to represent the company good hairstyles make you feel comfortable and build up your self confidence.  Look at some of the easy hairstyles for office events to try out next time.

Choose your best Office Hairstyle:

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8. Loose Hairstyles for Girls: The best hairstyle for girls to flaunt their haircut is to keep them loose. In Loose Hairstyle, you just need to brush your hair properly and after that you can either go for straight hair or you can apply curls. Best Hairstyle for girls in their engagements or receptions is loose hair with side curls. Now day’s very famous hairstyle for girls in loose section is wet loose hairstyle and celebrities from Kylie Jenner to Anushka Sharma have seen with wet loose hairstyle at events.

Here are some of the best Styles for Loose Hair:

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Tip for Wet loose Hairstyle: Brush your hair thoroughly and apply hair gel or conditioner for set wet.

9. Traditional Bun for Women: One of the most beautiful hairstyle for any traditional weeding or occasion. Especially when wearing a saree your look is incomplete without traditional bun. Many of you must be wondering that “What is the difference between normal bun and traditional bun?” Women when style their hair with traditional bun apply some beautiful accessories to give the ethnic touch. When thinking of traditional hairstyle, we start imagining of spending lots of money and time in parlor but let me tell you, it is one of the simplest and easiest hairstyle for women. You just have to do a neat and clean bun and cover it with either gajra (flower accessory) or some gold accessory. From Aishwarya Rai to Sonam Kapoor every one has done Stylish Traditional Bun to go with their proper Indian Look.

Here are some steps to get elegant Traditional Bun:

Step 1. Comb your hair thoroughly to remove tangles and then pull it into a high tight ponytail.

Step 2. Wrap the ponytail neatly and tightly around the hair; create coils until all hair is swept around the tie.

Step 3. Secure with bobby pins in the front, back and sides.

Step 4. Use either gajra to wrap around the bun or use some accessory over the bun for the ethnic look.

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Tip to hold Traditional Bun: Use Hair spray or gel to hold hair as well as accessories properly.

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