David Beckham in his world class looks is the desire of every woman. Yes, absolutely correct, we all know David Beckham as the best football player with  his cool looks in his jersey but few of us know about his different classy looks. He carries all the styles from perfect man in suit to a young boy in casuals.Not only is his sense of dressing great but various hairstyles of David Beckham are worth trying. Though he is a father of four children but the way he maintains himself is just incredible. He always experiments with his world class football skills as well as with his fashion world. Being in age of 40s, he is not only the fittest man but also the style icon darling to every men and women. David Beckham looks have the capability to stun his fans and media whenever he walks down any event or party.

Best Looks of David Beckham

There are some of his best looks every man wants to achieve:

  1. Casual Looks of David Beckham: David Beckham in Casual looks almost a teenager wearing normal shirt or t-shirt with such comfort and ease. There is versatility in his classic outfits to cool accessories. His best casual looks are not only in shirts and t-shirts but also in spunky Sandoz. Gym looks of David Beckham are as cool as his casual looks. Walking down the street with bag and headphones is also the part of his fashion statement.

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2. Event Looks: In some normal events, we found him wearing normal t-shirt with either a cool jacket or coat over it. Being a footballer, he never compromises with his footwear. He has large collection of shoes from formals to sneakers and trainers.

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3. David Beckham Airport Looks: While travelling, he always goes with cool looks, travelling classy bags and cap. He focuses on a neutral fashion sense, a great level of comfort and a good fit above anything else. When you see him in half sleeves, you see a lot of tattoos.

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4. Street Looks: Street walk and denim jacket go perfectly together because of his extraordinary way of bringing informal looks. Denim jackets for men are the most important part of their wardrobe collection.

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5. David Beckham Formal Looks: Now! What to say about his personality in suits. He very wisely chooses the color of all his suits and his perfect classy looks is the dream of every woman in this world. Pure black suit paired up with white shirt is the best for a sexier look.

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6. Wedding Looks: David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham got hitched almost nineteen years ago. From that day, they together seem to be such a style icon couple because of their looks in weddings or parties. Davis Beckham looks in white blazer and a black pant is so regal and Victoria Beckham in white gown is such a beauty. They are proud parents of four children but still this romantic couple leave everyone stun with the elegance they have.

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7. Hairstyles Looks of David Beckham: David Beckham has pulled off some of the most amazing hairstyles and best part is his ablity to maintain all those incredible looks. Let us tell you the hairstyles he keeps for longer period like 1. Short Edgy Haircut with cool undershaves 2. Short sides with elongated top 3. Haircut Styled Elegantly. The worthy pick style is Haircut of David Beckham That Suits Most Men.

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